Shivam Sharma

August, 2022 - v2022.08.16.1

AUTHOR: Shivam Sharma

New Features

  • Require more than one annotator to label each task with Consensus. Measure inter-annotator agreement, automatically select the best annotations, and effectively arbitrate between multiple opinions. 

  • New consensus algorithms for segmentation, polygon, bounding boxes, landmarks, and measurement tools -

  • Invert the image color map for higher contrast. You can enable inversion under windowing settings. 

  • Polyline annotation tool for Video and 2D Image data. 

  • New data format for import and export; new import format is backward compatible, and the new export format is available with SDK v2.0.0+. See the announcement here -

  • New search bar for filtering the annotation list on the left sidebar. Filter by annotation type or by category name. 


  • Show a prompt to the user when the WebGL context is lost because of too many viewports. 

  • Improve the non-invertibility check when MPR cross-hairs are enabled. 

  • Display multi-classification tags on the canvas in the video labeling tool.


  • On creation, automatically scroll the newly created label into view in the video track component. 

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