Shivam Sharma

RedBrick AI Release v.2023.08.28.1

AUTHOR: Shivam Sharma


  • Preview tool: Introducing a new standalone functionality that enables qualitative analysis of annotations.


  • New Rectangular ROI Tool: Now you can draw Regions of Interest (ROIs) on a volume using a rectangular shape. The enhancement includes basic statistics about pixel values to provide a comprehensive overview.

  • Direction indicators on 2D images have been disabled for a cleaner and less cluttered viewing experience


  • The issue with segmentation display for FAST on reconstructed views has been resolved. Segmentation will now be visible on all slices within the specified range.

  • Fixed "Open in Editor" button in Task Details for Project Members redirecting to Home page.

  • Resolved "Skip" button kicking labelers to Home screen instead of next Task.


  • The tooltip in the top bar has been revamped with new styles, enhancing the overall visual appeal and user experience.

  • Resolved issue of indistinguishability between comments and raised issues in Task Details by updating modal text for better differentiation and user clarity.


  • Updated user documentation with usage instructions for Preview Tool.

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