Shivam Sharma

RedBrick AI Release v2023.09.06

AUTHOR: Shivam Sharma


  • Updated Ellipse Quick ROI Tool: Now you can measure Elliptical Regions of Interest (ROIs) on all planes of a volume including oblique planes. 

  • Implemented a confirmation dialog for re-assigning tasks that are in progress, ensuring consistency across the data page and labeling tool. This should help alleviate a frequent problem where a task a labeler is currently working on gets reassigned to an Admin. 

  • Default View Mode for Assigned Tasks: When an admin opens a task that is not assigned to them, it will now open in view mode by default. Admins will need to go through an intentional re-assign step if they wish to re-assign the task to themselves or another user.

  • Improvements to solve regressions related to data loading

  • Improved user flow for task skipping: Users now either stay within the project or are directed to the next task in the queue when skipping a task.

  • Improved layouts for Tomography images to show LCC, RCC, LMLO, and RMLO scans in the expected orientation.


  • Fixed a problem that occurred when creating vector annotations (bounding box, polygon, etc) on 2D DICOM files with non-identity Image Orientation Patient headers that resulted in incorrectly exporting the data.


  • Added a new UI for handling errors when a task fails to save, providing a more user-friendly experience.



  • Fixed a problem effecting brush tool where small sections of the viewport were not function as expected

  • Fixed a problem where some special case DICOM data oriented at about 45 degrees was not displayed properly.

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