Shivam Sharma
Product update

RedBrick AI Release v2023.09.11.2

AUTHOR: Shivam Sharma

New Features:

  • Introduced Reference Standards: Project Admins can now mark Ground Truth tasks as Reference Standards, making them available for viewing by Labelers. Labelers can filter and view these by selecting the "Reference Standard" filter in their designated projects. This capability allows for more easily communicating annotation expectations to Labelers.


  • Fixed issues with empty CSV files for data export.

  • Addressed a problem where the bottom bar overflowed outside the screen for narrow window widths.

  • Fixed a minor visualization problem with certain window settings when toggling oblique planes.


  • Updated icons in dicom Topbar to new icons.

  • Improved accessibility for the annotations area.


  • Deprecated Taxonomy v1; projects that are using it will not be affected. You will no longer be able to edit or create v1 taxonomies.

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