Shivam Sharma

RedBrick AI Release v2023.10.27.1

AUTHOR: Shivam Sharma


  • Taxonomy create / update with nested categories. Ability to rearrange categories, attributes, and select options.

  • New workflow for consensus

  • Label version history panel

  • Blind vs unblinded Label stage to allow hiding uploaded annotations from annotators.

  • Cuboid tool for draw 3D cuboids for areas of interest.

  • Improved brush tool preview to better align with final pixel level segmentations.

  • 3D landmarks scale with zoom to avoid obstructing the view.

  • Segmentation smoothing tool to remove peaks and valleys.

  • Segmentation boolean operators (copy, add, subtract).

  • Segmentation dilate and erode tools to expand or contract a segmentation.


  • Deleted taxonomies re-appearing bug

  • Project settings visualization problems in safari

  • Timer stopped from counting when in view mode

  • Thresholding only displaying in one viewport when intellisync activated under certain conditions.

  • Hide/show nodes on polygon labels not indicating correctly

  • Segmentation locking handling multiple series incorrectly


  • Rename “instances” to “entity” to avoid confusion with instance ids in exported file.

  • Updated the help text for some tool tips.

  • Move windowing panel into a separate “Visualization” panel

  • Move thresholding into “Masking” section

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