Shivam Sharma

v2022.09.20.1 - v2022.10.10.1

AUTHOR: Shivam Sharma

v2022.09.20.1 - Segmentation mirroring

Add a dropdown menu on the viewport top right with:

- action for activating segmentation mirror (see below)

- action for toggling MPR

- action for toggling oblique planes

Segmentation mirroring

Find more here:

v2022.09.28.1 - minor, revamp command bar

  • Upgrade commandbar

  • Projects sorted by most recently updated

  • Unassigned tasks filter under Label stage and Review stage queue

  • Hotkey for MR scan cross reference lines (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + L)

  • Deprecate separate workflow stage for partial review percentage, now handled inside of the review stage

  • Fix a minor bug, showing oblique planes option in viewport dropdown of 3D view

  • Add shortcuts to brush size slider

v2022.09.29.1 - hotfix, arrow hotkeys

  • Fix hotkeys that involve arrow keys in labeling tool


  • Fix broken overlap labels switch

  • Support Uint16Array data in holefilling algo

  • Hotkey for inverting image (Shift+i)

  • Other non-visible changes

v2022.10.04.1 - Minor: viewport flipping

  • Move api keys to their own tab

  • Remove "organization settings" page

  • viewport flipping, horizontal (Shift + cmd/ctrl + h) and vertical (Shift + cmd/ctrl + v)

  • change viewport reset (space bar) to only affect the currently selected viewport

v2022.10.04.2 - Hotfix: get_task_queue on SDK

  • Fix a bug in using get_task_queue on SDK

v2022.10.05.1 - Minor bug fixes

  • Fix: Remove slice slider on 3d view

  • Reset attributes when changing category

  • Fix: Some labels being temporarily hidden after using segmentation pen tool

v2022.10.05.2 - Hotfix, lock background and all labels actions buttons

  • Fix: Some buttons not having an effect on labeling tool (lock background, delete all labels)

v2022.10.07.1 - Delete taxonomy + misc

  • Add hide/show all vector nodes for polygon, polyline, and bounding box label types.

  • Tweaks related to hide/show all labels and lock/unlock all labels.

  • Fix a problem with videos related to interpolated labels that are 'vibrant mode' being displayed as the category color instead of vibrant.

  • Add task level information as an input to the custom label validation script, giving access to the current stage name.

  • Improve series thumbnail generation (in the layout tab).

  • Add ability to delete taxonomies that are not being used for any active projects

  • Add hotkey for submit (Cmd/Ctrl + Enter) and saving (Cmd/Ctrl + s) and also make available via the command bar (Cmd/Ctrl + k).

v2022.10.10.1 - Minor: misc updates

  • Fix occasional overflow in labeling tool loader

  • Fix sagittal view sometimes being horizontally flipped when added from the layout panel

  • Set a minimum size to the video timeline horizontal scroll bar handle

  • Disable grow tool and other tools with Images

  • Remove project thumbnails on project list

  • Remove image viewer from task details dialog (it was only applicable in legacy projects which are now deprecated)

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