Shivam Sharma
Product update

v2022.12.05.1 - Draft workflow, smart contour

AUTHOR: Shivam Sharma

"Draft then Finalize" workflow for Label stage

Now when you are annotating tasks, you can choose to first submit as a draft. This allows you to build up a batch of "pending finalization" tasks that you can then finalize all at once. Read more here

Smart contour selection tool

When using the contour tool, hold down the "alt" or "option" keys to automatically select a region at the cursor.

Click to create a contour from that selection. For contours that have wavy edges, you can click and drag while holding "alt" to do some smoothing of the contour.

Add a review stage to an existing project

Under project settings, you can now add a new review stage to your workflow. You won't be able to delete any, but if you want to skip a stage, just set the review percent to zero.

Minor changes and bug fixes:

  • Significantly faster pen tool and contour tool conversion to mask.

  • Show "corrected" as a part of task history, before only accepted/rejected were showing even when a task was corrected.

  • Modifications to the display of left side bar on annotation tool.

  • Handling special chars in CSV export.

  • Show number of assigned tasks in project workforce/

  • Improvements to API speed.

  • Fixes for pen tool in safari.

  • Disable filter on data page while tasks are loading.

  • Show "API key" in assignment on data page, this is to support tasks that are annotated via SDK.

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