Shivam Sharma


AUTHOR: Shivam Sharma

- Fix a bug related to automated scrolling with many comments.
- Fix a bug where multipart data was not being ordered properly.
- Fix a problem related to rendering segmentations with discontinuous instance ids
- Fix a bug related to default attribute values
- Customizable queue count size
- Addition of instance classification on 3D volumes.
- Split CT series by acquisition number
- Addition of “cineloop” mode to volumes to assist with annotation of bounding boxes and instance classification.
- Add time spent labeling per stage in the task details modal
- Updates to project creation to allow more configuration
- Improved layout of metadata dialog to support longer text blocks
- Change text of button from “reset” to “unassign”
- Misc style and design upgrades
- Improvements to consensus workflows
- No longer open tasks in a new browser tab from the data page
- Leave insights sidebar permanently expanded on the “Data” page
- Filter projects by taxonomy
- Hide “score” column for labelers

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