Shivam Sharma
Product update


AUTHOR: Shivam Sharma

- Full Screen Mode - press “F” to toggle between Full Screen Mode in the Editor
- Length and Angle Annotations for 2D Images
- Hotkeys to quickly change view type (e.g. Shift+2 to shift current viewport to Coronal)

- Project Members without relevant permissions can no longer open Tasks in the Editor
- Project Members can view all Task Details for a Task, even if they do not have access to all Project Stages
- “Group by Study” is now set to False by default
- When interacting with Attributes in the Editor, the entire cell is now clickable
- Improved decompression for better in-browser performance when loading and saving annotations

- Taxonomy V1 - V1 Taxonomies can no longer be created

- Booleans were interfering with the counter logic for Study-Level and Series-Level classifications
- the lefthand toolbar in the Editor was spontaneously changing width in certain cases
- the “Current Assigned Tasks” column wasn’t updating as fast as we’d like it to
- Instance Classifications not being deleted properly in certain cases
- caching loader was slightly misaligned in certain cases

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