Ben Stewart
Product update


AUTHOR: Ben Stewart

- updates to the SDK to improve exports of larger files (RB-1764)
- Assignees will now display more logically in the Data tab for Projects with Consensus enabled
- button colors for confirmation dialogs
- tweaks to improve load times

- the left hand scroll bar in the Editor was breaking in certain cases
- overlapping labels exhibiting strange behavior in certain cases
- the label Validation indicator wasn't appearing in certain cases
- manipulating the size of the browser screen caused Segmentations to not be painted correctly in certain cases
- padding for secondary views in the Editor wasn't consistent
- color patches in the Editor were being hidden if users had an unreasonably long name
- plane selector chevron is now consistent with other chevrons in the Editor
- viewport gridlines were not displaying correctly in certain cases
- removing a Start Keyframe was causing a visual bug with the End Keyframe in certain cases
- various minor visual issues with the left hand toolbar in the Editor related to creating and deleting Super Truths

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