Ben Stewart
Product update


AUTHOR: Ben Stewart

- Tasks can now be deleted by name in the SDK by using the following command:

delete_tasks_by_name(task_names: List[str]) -> bool

>>> project = redbrick.get_project(org_id, project_id, api_key, url)
>>> project.upload.delete_tasks_by_name([...])

- Crosshairs: now shown for reference at all times
- Crosshairs: able to be selected with the Selection Tool
- Crosshairs: double click to move
- Crosshairs: click and drag to adjust
- Background Lock toggle is now present in the right hand toolbar of the Editor
- Prune Segmentations: use the command bar to automatically remove all Labels that do not have any segmentation voxels
- A center point indicator when activating Intellisync
- A hotkey (“q”) to activate and deactivate the Threshold Selector Tool

- Mirror Labels now aligns all secondary series with the source series, guaranteeing that Intellisync will synchronize the views
- The Region Growing Tool has received a number of improvements
- Camera position and zoom are now fixed in viewport windows when shifting layouts
- Threshold Selector Tool now works by clicking and holding to select the pixel intensities that will be included

- Now catch a case where a NIfTI mask with an incorrect number of voxels was producing unexpected results
- Unexpected instance IDs now appear as the color red with category “Unknown”
- Quick-swapping a viewport was displaying a flipped sagittal view
- Task Classify wasn’t displaying for Taxonomy v1 in certain cases
- Impressively long series names were being cut off too early in the Editor
- The loader in the viewport Editor was crowding the hamburger menu

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