Ben Stewart
Product update


AUTHOR: Ben Stewart

- Object Labels, Study Classifications, and Series Classifications can now be expanded or collapsed with a single click
- support for larger JSON files during upload
- dynamic display and filtering for the left-hand toolbar in the Annotation Tool 

- several improvements to Task loading speeds when opening / inside of the Annotation Tool
- several aspects of our Video Player to improve buffering, play speed, and general responsiveness
- several visual improvements across the Web Application
- error messages throughout the Web Application are now more informative
- Windowing Panel now persists through page refresh in the Annotation Tool
- text for the MPR Layout menu in the option has been updated to better reflect its state
- the state of the Windowing panel will now persist through page refresh

- Label Instances were all displaying as located on the central slice in certain cases
- the Logout button wasn’t working as expected in certain cases
- changing the projection within a minimized viewport was changing the projection within the maximized viewport instead in certain cases
- an edge case where the Pen Tool could rarely draw in other viewports after drawing in an initial viewport
- an edge case where the Taxonomy Page wasn’t working as expected when adding Select or Multiselect Attributes with no actual options to select
- the Help button was slightly obscuring the “Save Changes” button on one page

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