Shivam Sharma


AUTHOR: Shivam Sharma


  • Added an indicator for non-Chrome environments recommending switching to chrome.

  • The sorting of the left sidebar now occurs only on the first page load to prevent reshuffling.

  • Fixed a bug where segmentation smoothing was not functioning in 3D.

  • Disabled task view modal activation when using browser shortcuts (e.g., command + click opens a task in a new tab without opening the task view modal).

  • Rearranged the left sidebar to position projects below other navigation items.

  • Removed the paint bucket tool's 3D option due to limited utility.

  • Enhanced mesh rendering functionality for 3D segmentations available in the visualization panel.

  • Modified the ellipse tool to form a circle after the initial click.

  • Implemented improvements and bug fixes in the cineloop feature.

  • Enhanced performance for processing long videos.

  • Corrected the jump-to-label functionality for bounding boxes in 3D volumes.

  • Resolved an issue with the 3D rendering menu being unresponsive in Brain brats data.

  • Addressed a rendering issue with PT data where each slice had varying rescaleSlope and rescaleIntercept values.

  • Updated the "nothing was painted" notification with more informative text.

  • Added checks for supported DICOM modalities, photometric interpretations, and transfer syntax.

  • Removed the thresholding selector for RGB 2D Data.

  • Ensured that any open panels on the right are closed when a new instance is selected, to display the settings.

  • Modified the pen tool to automatically connect ends on a double click.

  • Fixed a bug where polygons would incorrectly appear in a 3D view.

  • Made the pipeline flow chart non-interactive.

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