Shivam Sharma


AUTHOR: Shivam Sharma


  • Fixed an issue when editing a taxonomy where a label attribute would be deleted after adding nesting.

  • Perform dicom series splitting using series number instead of acquisition number

  • Improve image windowing and pixel values for JPEG lossy transfer syntax images

  • Fixed an issue related to uploading label maps on tasks with multiple series.

  • Alternations to loading behavior to attempt to improve load times.

  • Improve default attributes behavior

  • Fixed a very specific and rare sequence that could result in consensus annotators viewing each other's annotations.

  • Compute slice spacing during reconstruction based on the average distance between slices in cases where the slices are not all the same distance.

  • Fix some cases where JPEG 2000 images were failing to decompress and showing a white image.

  • Extend minimum project name length to 60 characters

  • Disable app on mobile user agents

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